Free Kids Accounts - Guardians Please Read

I’ve tried submitting forms and contacted support multiple times over the last year and I’ve yet to receive any response. Can you assist please.

See my post about us government telling Peleton to issue stop on kids on treadmills

Hi, I see this thread is pretty quite. We completed a request for a kid account as well. Is this still a thing and what is the turnaround time on the activation?

@Danie_Nel Our team is currently handling requests fairly quickly for new child accounts, and you should hear back in less than 24 hours.


My daughters account is saying that it is due to expire in 54 days? How can I go about extending it, she’s only 5.

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@Gareth_Simpson It looks like there are currently 2 promotional codes on your child’s account. Since the promo codes cannot be combined, the 54 day expiration you’re seeing is the remainder of the first code. Once that code expires, the second code will kick right in and you should see a new expiration date.
If you have any further questions or issues with your child’s account, be sure to reach out to our Support team at this link here :smile:


My son has an account which he was using last year, we were ‘offline’ for a bit earlier this year as a result of trainer problems. When we got hooked up again, my son had only 7 days before the account expires. I’ve submitted a new form a few days ago, but the approval hasn’t come through you. How long are renewals for kids normally taking?
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Hi @Nicholas_Waltham ! I flagged your inquiry to our Support colleagues and it appears they’ve followed up and your child’s account is sorted. Looks like we sent out a response on Sept 18 that was never received, so thanks for flagging here so we could investigate!
Please be sure to respond to our Support email if you have any further questions about your child’s account :slight_smile:

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Can you please advise the current wait on getting kids accounts processed? I only submitted form yesterday but received a generic auto response email that referred me to FAQ and link for follow up that then generated another generic auto response. Just wanted to make sure that request is still being processed. My daughter has broken her arm and wants to keep on her bike.

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I think it should be within a few days…

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Finally, I want to create an account for my son

Hi @Lewis_Crofts_7197 - it looks like our team was able to respond and sort out the confusion. If you still have any questions regarding your child’s account, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support for further assistance! :smiley:

@Cyril_Kavacek Fantastic! You can get the process started by visiting the Zwift webpage link here and submitting a consent form for your child. Once you’ve done so, an agent will reach out with further steps and can help with any further questions you may have. Cheers!

Hi Jules,
I still haven’t heard back and the last two pieces of correspondence I’ve received after getting acknowledgment of the form are attached. If there’s a backlog processing no problem but this gives me the impression it’s got lost somewhere.

@Lewis_Crofts_7197 Thanks for following up! I’m flagging up your case to our Support team, as it appears you had received the previous emails about the account, so we need to get that sorted. While they work to sort out the issue, can you also check your spam folder to ensure the emails didn’t get misrouted?
Thanks and keep an eye out for additional emails!

I’ve filled in the "parental consent " form and had an email back saying “my child is set for a year of free Zwift”, so from where and how do I access their profile so I can input the name they’ll ride under and the wheelsize etc? I had thought that perhaps I had to finish my first free 25km even though I’d set up a Samsung UE40ES5500KXXU but nothing changed when completed.

You can edit the name by logging into their account on the companion app, going to, or through the Zwift app while riding. If they are using a smart trainer then you do not need to input the wheel size, I believe you do if you are on Zpower though: zPower Setup

@Paul_McMonagle Welcome to the forums! :smiley:
It looks like you had previously created the account for your child, which is why you didn’t receive any instructions on how to access it. The account is ready to go, you just need to log into the account under the email you had submitted for your child, and you should be able to set up the account for them.
If you’re having trouble accessing the account, please follow the steps in the email we previously sent on how to reset a password, or feel free to respond to that email, and one of our Support agents can help get you sorted :slight_smile: