France map profile skewed by Ventoux always being shown

The France map profile always includes Ventoux in the profile no matter where you are on the course i.e. even if you are riding a route that doesn’t include Ventoux. As Ventoux is so high compared to the rest of the course the remaining profile looks totally flat, thus making the profile useless for seeing where the upcoming ascents and descents are. Other maps have some smarts about showing only relevant parts of the profile depending on where you are. It shouldn’t be hard to do the same for France.

It doesn’t always include Ventoux. It depends which way you’re going, and if you’re going towards the Ventoux turn then it’ll usually show you the profile as if you’re going up it. But plenty of other times it won’t show this.

But what you’re seeing is the general problem where Zwift’s elevation profile seems to make assumptions about where you’re going (possibly straight on at all junctions?) and ignores the route you’ve actually chosen.

On Apple TV ventoux"s profile is always there. I’m riding RGV now so going away from Ventoux. Companion app is not allowing me to attach the image I took for some reason. I have huge climb of Ventoux on the RHS of the profile for every route in France. Maybe it’s an Apple TV issue but I agree there is a greater issue with profiles not being smart. Maybe with $450M we can get some defects fixed and maybe a new UI finally for Apple TV.

Nope not just AppleTV. It’s the same on the PC version. Truly makes the elevation profile of France 100% useless since the whole ride “appears” flat since any elevation gain is dwarfed by Ventoux.


I did actually find one section where Ventoux disappeared from the profile. Between the penultimate turn, in the bottom left hand corner of RGV, and the turn back onto the beginning of the route doesn’t have Ventoux, but it’s the only section I’ve found.

It’s not an Apple TV problem and it’s not always there (I use Apple TV too). Try some more France routes and you’ll see. But it is there far too often.

I still think that this is just the usual problem of the upcoming elevation profile on any route often being wrong because Zwift makes assumptions about which way you’re going to turn at junctions, and those assumptions are bizarrely independent of the route you’ve picked. The Ven-Top issue on the France map is probably because there aren’t many junctions in France and most routes include the Ven-Top junction, so with its “always assume I will turn left”, or whatever the weird assumption is, it always thinks you’re going up Ven-Top.

I’ve done all the Route Badges on France, and the only time the Ven-Top elevation was NOT included in the elevation graph was when you were on the section with the river turns, just past the start pens.
That completely negates the useful purpose of the elevation graph.
IMHO, the Ven-Top elevation should ONLY be shown when you are heading towards Ven-Top.

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Latest update (21 Jan) still has this issue.
Running the TdZ shorter route, going nowhere near Ventop, yet the elevation graph showed it.
Made the entire route “flat”.