France Classic Fondo - 145.0km 🗻 1099m

I got the KOM but no badge :frowning: i need the badge, dont want to do it again…

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It is my understanding that there is no route badge but a mission badge. The mission will be in April. You won’t have to do the route again to get the mission badge, you just need to complete 145.5 km in April.


Same for me, would it be solved retroactively?

Knocked it out yesterday on a TT bike, 3:37, average 40.3 kph and 284W. I know the KOM will be gone in April at the latest when a group ride rolls through. I wish France would be expanded, I like the landscape, maybe add some vineyards, bigger old towns, etc.


And open up all of those gravel roads!!

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Did anyone else notice that the right sock have an acronym of Watch The Femmes on them? :laughing: