France Classic Fondo - 145.0km 🗻 1099m

Not seeing an achievement badge for it, but this showed up in my list of incomplete routes in the latest version of the app.

ooooo a new route :grinning:

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nice spot

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What do we think the route is? 1099m is not much elevation over 145km. It looks like you have to go up the Petit KOM 2 times in each direction to get the elevation correct. It can’t go up Ven-Top at all otherwise the elevation doesn’t work.

Could we have some new roads? Maybe a 5 to 10 minute KOM?


The new route is selectable via the Workout option.

Ultra-long SST ?

Wait - new longest route technically…

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Isn’t PRL Full a bit longer?

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Whoops! My bad. *Second longest

It’s on Zwifthacks now. 3 times up the Petit KOM.

Yay new long route!

IIRC, when “La Reine” launched (TdZ 2022?) it didn’t have a route completion badge. It got one added this past winter, about a year later.

Perhaps we’ll see an achievement badge added for this sometime in future, too.

Is the elevation profile all we can see? I see the 3 Petit KOMs, I am thinking Petit KOM in reverse (I know it isn’t official).

I am trying to work out what the route is, but am having a hard time figuring out what is going on. Any ideas?

Click on the route in game and it’ll trace it out for you. (of course, you’d need to know where the various segments are - is useful as you can “scrub” the route to see what a given point corresponds to)

Try Tire-Bouchon as the Classic Fondo seems to retrace that a bunch of times: ZwiftMap

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Thank you!

It loops round the top part almost twice then a couple of loops of the lower bit, taking in Petit twice. Then off for a long loop round, up the petit in reverse and round and back up for a third time. If you go to the France routes in Zwifthacks, you can follow the dot round on the animation.

April’s mission is to ride 145 km as part of the Paris-Roubaix Femmes aves Zwift. So while the mission should be cumulative miles/kms on any route, I suspect they are also doing some racing or Fondos on this “new” route to match (and achieve it all in one ride). Here is the email from Zwift when you complete the March mission:
”The April Mission, Conquer a Classic, is right around the corner. Get ready to tackle 145.5 km, the distance of Paris-Roubaix Femmes avec Zwift, over the course of the month to unlock a sweet Watch the Femmes kit, socks, cap, and a unique Mission badge.”


ZI will get the Strava route up.
Then first to finish gets a kom/qom.

It is up on Zwift Insider now.

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4:22 for the men
No gals yet.