Forum scroll text

Anyone else seeing this recently btw? Only happens on here, comes and goes as I scroll. Chrome 108.0.5359.125.

blurry text

Yes I get it as well. Sad to say but I am happy it is not just me.

Probably worth a new thread.

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Ah. I’ve seen it present in “bold” text then, almost instantly, thin out to “normal”. It’s only for a fraction of a second and it’s always readable. I’ll try to pay more attention to the conditions and possible triggers.

I’m on Chrome 108.0.5359.128.

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Ah, had that recently too, not just me then (Chrome).

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Glad it isn’t just me. :rofl:

I’ve not seen that and I’m on the same version of chrome - maybe a windows 11 thing?

I’ve only seen it where there are multiple unread posts in the thread. It’s not common though (well, for me).

Windows 10 here.

I’m on Win10 too.

Yes, I get it sometimes. Same version of Chrome; I haven’t checked using anything else. Windows 10 Home.

I think I’ve noticed similar on YouTube occasionally, so it might not be anything to do with this forum.

Think I’ve had it elsewhere too, but can’t remember where. Mostly here though.

It’s not just us:


I thought I was seeing things. Chrome on Windows 11.