Show us the links!

OK, where are the links here?

It’s really hard to tell, isn’t it? You either need to tab around or use the mouse to wave around the text until the cursor becomes a hand. And both those things are hard on mobile. The only hint is the feint “1” after one of the links. This is a really bad piece of UX.

Please either make them a different colour or add underlining/bottom border. (Note it shouldn’t just be a different colour - that should also come with a different font weight).

See, it’s a lot clearer.

You could even Zwiftify it!

Already a fix that’s been put into our schedule, should be updated relatively soon :slight_smile:

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Fixed :slight_smile:

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Is it though? :wink:

For example, Zwift Rowing and Skiing still looks the same to me. Invisible hyperlinks. Maybe the update hasn’t been pushed to live yet (I did a hard refresh so I don’t think it’s caching at my end).

The fix is not retroactive so old links won’t be affected unfortunately.

How strange. Normally you’d just update the CSS and it’ll target all links that match the relevant selector.

Anyway, another point on this is that it just seems to be a colour change. From an accessibility point of view that isn’t great. You should also add an underline/bottom border or an increased font weight so the links stand out for people who don’t have standard colour vision.

As it stands the contrast isn’t great. Doesn’t pass WCAG AA:



Awesome details @Daren! I’ll forward your post over and see what our team wants to do.

I think there’s still a problem. This post was very recent, and still doesn’t have the updated link visibility:

I’ve noticed it with other links posted after the update too.