Favicon - revert to previous version

Please reinstate the previous favicon.

Here’s a selection of tabs I have open in Chrome.

Some are clearer than others. With those it’s easy to see at a glance a) what a tab is for, and b) where a specific site it nestled within the tabs.

Until today, the Zwift forum was in that group. Today, the favicon has been replaced with a much harder to make out version. Realistically, only the tiny orange Z stands out as anything.


As things stand, the main Zwift website and the my.zwift.com feed both still use the old version:

Can you change the forum back to this more noticeable favicon?


Agree, pointlessly small.


Never knew this term existed… I was today years old…


Should all favicons be at least this size


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Hehehe, well spotted :smiley:

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Agree with this, completely impossible to see what it is

Have to agree. I’m still seeing the old one, it’s very recognizable, and I like it better than the screenshots I’m seeing of the new one.

agreed I’m still seeing the old version and hope it stays that way as it is much more recognisable in the the stupid amount of tabs i constantly have open.

Your tabs are triggering my OCD :confounded:


The tab police are going to come for you :joy: Seriously though, I think the record is like 100K tabs. How many days would that take?

Hah! I’m not that bad. I’ve got 19 Chrome windows open, with anything from 4 to 20 tabs open in each.

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You think I should be more organised? One window for the work website, one for W3C, one for World of Warcraft etc.?

That sounds too much like hard work! :rofl:

But it does illustrate why I like to be able to see big obvious favicons. =)

Agreed - new favicon is too detailed / the old one was easier to spot in the tab list

noooo favicon of doom has got me and straight away opening chrome my usual random list of tabs i failed to spot zwift forums and opened a new tab :rofl:

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I’m surprised that none of the devs or QA team appear to use a dark browser theme…


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I’m not.

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The old favicon is back! \o/

If this is a deliberate response to our request, thank you!


Now if we can just get the old font back, or at least something a bit more appealing (or even monospaced) than the new one that would be great!

Wait… but what about the people who use an orange browser theme? :joy:

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Was staring at that font for over an hour this morning and I still dislike it. I thought perhaps it might grow on me, but alas no.

It looks like a video game font from the 80s. It had me thinking about the Atari 2600 :smile:

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