Grey bar at the top of the forum

This is like the most minor issue, if it is even an issue, and not something i’m bothered about more just curious!

does everyone else have a grey line at the top of the forum (using chrome in windows)

don’t think i used to have it, get the one when a topic is updated but that is below the categories and stuff

Yep I have it too.

@shooj can probably fix it / tell us why it’s there.

I think it was the text highlight for the now out-of-date maintenance message.


ah, that might be it!

as i said, not something i’m likely to lose much sleep over but was just curious as to why it appeared or if i’d just been really unobservant and not noticed it was there!

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What grey bar?


Chapeau…Kudos…Or Ride On!

Mine has text. It may be that if you hit the “X” or enable notifications, the text goes away.

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That notifications message is expected and will stay up until you dismiss it.

There was a skinny grey bar with no text as in the original post that shouldn’t have been there and is now gone.