New forum format

(. #darth.rider..) #1

Good job on forum change. Its easier to navigate around etc.

You do have a heap of live pages pointing to non-existent pages though so a redirect would have been handy (I thought something was broken).


(Vincent W.) #2

Thanks @darth.rider for the support! :slight_smile:

Yeah we are actively redirecting most of those links to go to our new support page. They should be fixed soon. :ride_on:

(Paolo Cecchini5714_ZHR(H)) #3

Looks like in the Archived section topics are truncated and newer posts lost forewer :slight_smile:

Paolo Cecchini

(Vincent W.) #4

Some newer posts created between the transfer and the new forums grand opening were not brought over, though a lot of the more popular topics were. Sorry we couldn’t get them all :confused: