Forum Changes?

Has something changed in the Forums in the past week? I have just returned from vacation and it looks like the layout is a bit different, and that there are either a ton of posts missing or people have just stopped posting with anywhere near as much frequency as before. It used to be that all of the ‘recent’ posts were within the past few hours, but now I am seeing items in the recent posts from many days ago.

Just noticed it this morning myself. You have to select each forum category from the drop down list to see the new posts under that category whereas the “latest” button would show all of them it is no longer doing that. Hopefully it will be fixed soon since it is a hassle to go through each sub-forum to see new posts and answer questions from other users.

Thanks! And agreed. The new format is a hassle and doesn’t seem conducive to making a ‘community’.

It looks like categories have been muted for some reason. I went through and unmuted all the categories (set to “normal”) and they are showing up again. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

I think there was a misconfiguration or something over the weekend.

Looks to be resolved now staff are back in the office. =)

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