Force zwift in HIGH mode

(Jesus) #1

hi is it possible to force zwift in high mode?

i have i7 with 960M and zwift starts in ultra mode where i have sometimes lagging.

i run in 1080p and do npt want to run in 720p where it is totally smooth.

thank you!!!

(Forrest) #2

Have you checked to see if there are any new graphics drivers available for your 960M? If not, updating those should help smooth out your frame rate. You can find them here:

(Jesus) #3

yes i have updated the drivers before.
and set 100% GPU usage (not CPU), and set vertical sync off

my graphiccard shows 98% in taskmanager

here you see my result from todays ride in richmond

is it possible to force zwift into high mode? i do not want to run in ultra mode when it is not 100% smooth.

the problem is that on the right side and a little bit in the left side of the screen (at the bottom) i have lags (i see small jumps of houses, trees) that makes me cracy.
it lags every 5 or 6 seconds.

Can you please tell me if it is possible to force Zwift in HIGH mode instead of ULTRA?
Thank you very much!

I played with my old Laptop i5 and GTX950M in HIGH mode 1080p wich was definately better.

(David) #4

You should be able to just go into the pause screen and choose settings at the bottom right and change it down to high with the drop down. At least I have that option on pc…

(Jesus) #5

thank you, but you suggestion only changes also the resolution not the details profile!

the details are choosen by zwift.

  1. medium (e.g. Apple TV, Intel4400, …)
  2. high (e.g. GTX950M or lower)
  3. ultra (e.g GTX960M?!, GTX1050 …)

i want to start in high not in ultra.

you mean the resolution that has no big influence in the performance.

  1. 576p
  2. 720p
  3. 1080p
  4. 1440p
  5. 4k

(Henk de Beer) #6

I’d also like the option to change the graphics mode.
My graphics card is MUCH newer than the rest of the PC I dusted off for Zwift duty. It is fine when there are not many other riders, but during TdZ I had lovely graphics at slideshow framerates.

And I won’t be upgrading CPU, motherboard and RAM until at least June, maybe longer if the Android version actually controls my H2 now (which the latest update might just have fixed).