Force eGPU usage?

Hiya, thought I’d finally make a thread to see if anyone’s in a similar boat to me with my setup.

I’m running on an Asus Zenbook Duo with Integrated intel XE graphics and a modest dedicated MX450 GPU. This is hooked up to a Razer Core with a 1080Ti in it which is in turn directly connected to the 4K TV.

For whatever reason Zwift absolutely refuses to properly utilise the 1080Ti. I’ve tried forcing it in Windows Settings > Graphics as well as the Nvidia control panel. The end result is always the same with the MX450 pegged at 100% and the 1080ti sitting under 40% utilisation for some reason. Frame rates hover around 30fps and the game drops down from the ultra settings profile to high or mediumish.

Any suggesrions? The only ‘solution’ I’ve found is to disable the MX450 in device manager before I launch Zwift. Not the most elegant method! Any ideas or solutions would be top.


Unless you really need the MX450 then just disable it in BIOS. Then it’ll never be visible in Windows and everything will use your 1080 Ti.

A far better solution would be to just stick that GPU in a dedicated system. I bet you could do it with the money raised from selling your enclosure.