Gpu 100%

Hi everyone,

I have a 12 gen intel I9 plus a nvidia RTX3080Ti.
The setup is more than capable of running flight simulator on a 4k display with 100FPS.
I run zwift on 1080p@60hz display and the GPU is constantly at 100%.
I tried to turn on vsync but still GPU at 100%.
PC is running very hot, which is not good for a training room.
Some help would be appreciated.

That certainly should not be happening with that spec maybe @Dave_Higgins might be able to help?

Dave is not on the forum anymore.

I would suggest opening a Support ticket.

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Drop into his Facebook site, think he’s still there.

How clean is your Windows installation? Is a system restore an option as there’s something rogue going on.

Very often Nvidia drivers can cause issues. Roll back to an older version if you’re 100% certain it’s the latest. If it’s not then upgrade to the latest.

I’ve seen plenty of issues like this resolved through changing drivers.

Don’t have this issue with other games…

Neither did the last person with similar issues.

Different apps use resources in different ways. Zwift only uses one core of your processor so puts a lot of strain on it whereas other apps can take advantage of multiple cores.

I’d without doubt have a look at your drivers as there’s very often a combination of Windows, Nvidia drivers & Zwift that causes issue.

Don’t know what using one core has to do with the GPU, CPU is very low when running ZWIF around 10%. I also have the latest drivers from Nvidia.
ZWIFT must be rendering fps without restrain, that’s the only thing I can think of…

Try rolling back the driver or is there an alternate version such as a studio version?

My comments about the CPU was to highlight how Zwift performs different to other apps.

Even in game Makuri will hammer the performance of your graphics card compared to other worlds.

Anyway give the driver a go. You’ve nothing to lose.

Just a thought which might not apply…

Does Nvidia have a separate option for OpenGL vsync? Zwift runs on OpenGL on Windows PC, not DirectX.

Join ZPCMR and click on the Files tab. There is an Nvidia Driver Settings document which has advice about appropriate frame rate settings, among other things. Read before asking any questions on the Facebook group :grinning:

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Is it possible to broadcast that information in another way? I am not a member of Facebook.

Sorry it’s only available on Facebook

Thanks for Details. Will test it later today.

Currently I am missing sunrays while runnig ultra profile. Not shure wether it was lost with last game update or nvidia driver misconfiguration.

Have to check the prefs file to enable all visuals explicitly.

Found a parameter on nvidia driver settings, max frame rate, changed that to 75, my monitor is 60hz and voilá GPU at 25%

Might as well just set it to 61, that’s what the recommendations in the aforementioned Facebook page would tell you.

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