GTX 1060 (6Gb) running at 90%

Hi folks. Does anyone have a view on expected GPU utilization for Zwift on the 4K setting?
The reason I ask is I tested mine this morning and at 4K the GPU runs at c90%.
If I reduce it one level the GPU utilization (using task manger to monitor somall approximate) halves to about 47%.
I bought this pc specifically to run Zwift at 4K so am now wondering if I’ve under-egged the GPU.
Anyone got any expected GPU stats?


Does have anything to inform?

What does the rest of your set up consist of.?

Ooooh. That looks interesting. I’ll get a hold of a log file and plug it into that site and post results.


Have you seen this? Don’t discount it. It is quite simple to do and it can double FPS. 

Zwift uses PhysX.

That’s cool. Thanks. Im ok on performance. My main question is around GPU usage. I’m trying to get a sense of whether a 1060 with 6Gb should use 90% GPU on the 4K setting.

FPS is fine, picture is great, just wondering about GPU load.

(Actually the tv is 60 FPS so whether I have 60 or 117 when I switch vsync off doesn’t actually change GPU load - not sure if that’s relevant)

To answer the earlier question -
Core i3 7100 8gb ram gtx 1060 6Gb is the core spec
Zwiftslizer shows no issues. Just ran a session for 1:24 and ranknis 10/10.
GPU ran at 85-90% throughout. Min frame rate 44, max 60, avg 57.
Got a note about ant devices pairing several times yet chart shows the HRM pairing again twice during. And trainer zero so not seeing that as an issue.

So, did you learn anything?

Been simming for 24 years. I’ll take more FPS any day.

 Screw the utilization percent.

Best wishes,

Not learnt anything yet Cary.
Though when I google ‘simming’ I will. Not sure what that is.

FPS has no impact

Your opinion of my question, while noted, doesn’t really help.
If that’s a descriptive term that means ‘it doesn’t matter - no harm will come’ then maybe that would be more helpful language (if that’s what you meant).

So far not found anything on this subject. Which maybe means it doesn’t matter. I’ll keep looking.

My opinion is that it is interesting to me and I feel I should know what this means for the future months/longevity of GPU/flexibility to run other stuff in parallel with Zwift at 4K - that’s sort of thing - without crashing the game.
So whether FPS numbers are 60 or 117 in my case isn’t my goal. There’s no visible difference to my experience.
I am interested in my original question.

You’re 1060 with 6GB will easily run 4k but as you’ve experienced the GPU is going to be expected to take some high percentage load at high res. (which of course it can) with the main CPU running i3 and 8GB. How far you can push the parallel stuff will be a ‘suck-it-and-see’ type of thing.

The only recommendation I’d make is to ensure the GPU cooling fan and the cabinet fan are doing their job. Keep that baby cool :slight_smile:

The drops you see in Zwiftalizer are normal and should only be of concern if they drop and don’t re-engage within a second or so. If you’re not seeing any visual ‘lags’ other than Zwift on a ‘fragile’ day (like, erm, today), I’d say you’re set up is fine.

Ride On and Enjoy!  :slight_smile:

Paul - thanks. Really helpful. Makes sense.