AMD GPU Overloaded

My computer has a i7 12700k cpu paired with an AMD 6750 gpu. When running Zwift on 4K, I’m noticing a 99% gpu utilization with nearly 0% cpu utilization. Accordingly, GPU temps run high while the CPU idles. On 2K, the gpu is utilized 80% and on 1080p, 60%. Once again, the CPU is not utilized.

I’ve run Zwift on this computer with a 2060, 1650, and hd 730 and 770 (integrated gpus). I have not noticed such a discrepancy between gpu and cpu loads. Are there optimization issues with AMD? Is there something I can do on my end? I’ve searched through the forum and online, but was unable to find an answer to this issue. Hope someone here can elucidate.


Hard to say for certain as no 2 systems are the same. Somebody may have the same hardware got software what you could be running different programs so a like for like comparison is difficult.

Out of interest what world were you running to test this? Makuri we know is very hard on GPU’s.
What frame rates are you achieving?

One test I’d recommend has to try an alternate driver for the GPU. See if there is an older version and give that a go.

Yeah something is off here; and knowing AMD, it’s probably driver related.

My 3070 at “4K mode” on 1080p TV runs literally at idling temps and under 50% usage and almost zero load. CPU (10850k) is quite low usage as well the whole time, and near always in vsync.