Zwift during pairing and ride selection consumes 100% of GPU


This might be one for the developers but want to check if anyone else can across this, but I thought I’d report it as it is very unusual. During the pairing devices and ride selection (workout/events/) screen, zwift for some reason decides to consume the maximum amount of my graphics card (AMD Radeon 6600XT).
The card is more than capable of high graphics zwift so that’s not the issue.

The issue also does not happen while zwifting. It works normal and gpu utilisation is more like 10% while riding.

Only during the pairing screen and ride selection screen this happens. As a result my system decides to turn on all the fan on maximum blast to keep it cool which is quite annoying.

Anyone else notice this?

Yes it’s been reported before. You’ll need to configure the GPU driver to limit the frame rate / refresh rate to something reasonable.

Thanks for the info. Will look into it!