Followed Friend - not found when connected

I just convinced my friend to join Zwift and he is testing it on 7 day trial. I found him and was able to follow him using the mobile app.

The issue is that I can only see him on the mobile app when I’m not running Zwift on my computer.  So I’m at my desk and get notified that he has started riding.

I log onto zwift and he then drops from my “followed” list and I can not find him. I can then search for him and find him, but can not see him ride. He never shows up in my follow list when I’m connected to zwift on computer.

I’ve confirmed that both my computer and mobile are on the same wifi network. 


Hi Stephen,

This is because when you login you will only see the riders nearby. So if your friend is standing next to you on the course you will be able to see him in the app.

I believe that when using the mobile app, location on the course is irrelevant. Riders I follow should show up on the app.




This madness is true, at first I thought it was bug as well but it is how it works.

After loading the main app you will see your friend and be able to select ‘ride with’ and it will start you with him.

but if you just log in he will probably not show on the link app as you wont be near him.

My friend and I are both new zwift and found this confusing at first. just be careful when you use ‘ride with’ as it will start you with your friend but it will not set your course the same LOL so your mate has a set route selected like ‘figure of 8’ but you will not. so it leads to a right laugh of your mate default to turning left while it defaults you to go right. I stayed on my nice route and my mate went up a mountain lol