Follow a friend riding in Zwift

I would really love to be able to follow someone in the Zwift app, without actually Zwifting. Just see their view and dashboard.
I know this is partially possible if I connect to the app, start w/o any device, click their name then latch myself on them. But this is not a straight forward way, it seems more like a hack and it doesn’t work for events. In other words it is impossible to follow someone that is part of an event, as one cannot see event players if not participating in the event. And in case one joins the event with that purpose in mind, good luck in finding your friend in the nearby players list.
I would be nicer to start the app in “just watch” mode and get to choose who to watc,h with friends as top choices, rather than being latched to a random player.

I agree, though I do think it would make me even more jealous when I’m stuck at my desk and they’re cruising around Watopia…

My brother lives on a different continent and time zone. It’s not often we can ride together, but we sometimes chat while one of us is. If I could watch him too would be great. Right now if he’s part of an event I cannot do it.