Flying *roads*?


For a long time now, I have been under the impression Zwift roads, well, aren’t grounded. Basically, something doesn’t look right, and at times, it seems the road is a feet or so above its surrounding ground.

Here is some Alpe du Zwift picture I recently took:

Seems like the road is floating… what do you think?


Interestingly enough i did the Alpe the other day and on camera 1 view i looked at the edge of the road and it appeared to be several feet/meters above the adjoining landscape. Not all the way up though.

It may have always been like that and I’ve never noticed as previously I’ve been on basic profile and now I’m ultra.

I didn’t grab a screenshot, but during a PP ride up the volcano (near enough at the top if I recall) it looked like I could see a small gap between the road edge and some surrounding terrain (so there was this weird thing of being able to see the sky, rather than some solid terrain).

We all know Zwift roads are not perfect… but rest assured, I’ve never heard of anyone falling through the cracks…

Back to my point: I usually get distracted by the road edge movement with respect to its bank… a lot of times it seems something isn’t right there - like, the road is a feet off the ground…

Here is the view from beneath the road, and above it: