London road maintenance?

Will they ever get fixed?

Seems unlikely.

We sure it’s not just substandard asphalt and due to the summer heat is becoming more gummy? :rofl:

It’s more immersive (Sorry!)

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maybe “submersible”?

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As someone posted elsewhere, this ‘phenomenon’ seems to be most prevalent at intersections. Clearly there is some work needed for intersections all over the Zwift platform. Another issue I notice regularly is that the cobble feel (and I think sound) disappear in the Italian Villas section of Watopia if you are making the turn toward the volcano. Annoys me every time.

That bug happens in a number of places/cases. It was, for example, embarrassingly visible at the bottom of the radio tower descent in the vTdF broadcasts.

Yes; yet another intersection.

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It’s actually a bit worse than just intersections. The image above is indeed right after the intersection from the tower road to the main road (and they hit what feels like a curb right after that to go back to “normal”), but there’s a bit of diving under the surface followed by hovering above in the descent prior to the intersection. The same thing happened with the men (including the dive and hover), it was masked by using a frontal view of the leaders through the spot shown above. Careful observation still shows the deep under-surface dive.

I have numerous areas on Zwift (running ATV) where the entire road surface is ‘floating’ over the surrounding ground.

… and bikes hovering over tarmac? (like, wheels not touching the ground, but spinning nonetheless…)

Watopia’s roads are falling apart from disrepair and neglect… :cry:

But we will always have Paris. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Pretty sure all these are limitations and/or bugs with the road-building tools. In the Alpe du Zwift video Zwiftcast produced a couple of years ago it’s discussed that some of the artwork at the roadside is there to help mask the technical problems encountered with such tight turns and increasing elevation. ‘Floating road’ is mentioned. Obviously hasn’t changed.

How many years?

I rest my case.