Deep sand

Maybe this is as it’s supposed to be?

Which route was this on? Also what day / time?

It looks like the dirt section between the volcano and the Italian villas, with the little S curve climb.

A MTB and a TT bike doing the ToW in the same pic, what is the change.

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Coming up from the Italian villas, just before the fountain. This was on the 6:01 AM PDT Tour of Watopia ride this morning.

I see wheels half embedded in the ground regularly. I find it odd, but am guessing that this is some sort of software layering glitch. Just like sometimes the road graffiti is ‘floating’ a little above the road, or the road in places seems to be floating a few inches above the ground.

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I rode Stage 1 on Magnificent 8 today halfway expecting to see it, and didn’t. I’m curious if you can reproduce if you repeat the Magnificent 8 ride after a reboot, restart the app, etc?

Could the camera angle have anything to do with it?

It has happened at least three times this week on three different Tour of Watopia rides.

QA was able to reproduce and are working on a fix. Thanks as always for screenshotting your bug reports, Jim.

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It happens at the turning at the bottom of box hill also.
Can’t say it’s so much an issue for me.