Flying off course in Yumezi [1.13.0, 1.13.1] [May 2021]

Was riding The Three Villages Loop route when about halfway it sent me riding off into the air. Anyone else had issues on this route?

Red circle area is where the game sent me flying.

Windows 10 PC up to date game and companion versions.


Happened to me earlier in the same place.

@D_Watson_HERD_Sweep @Steve_Clogg_PACK_LEA

Thanks both for flagging this up. Screenshots (and that map) are both super useful. Much appreciated!

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It doesn’t look like either one of you has a steering device paired to Zwift, is that corect?

For anyone joining this thread: please let us know if you have an Elite Sterzo Smart, a Wahoo KICKR Bike, or some other steering-enabled device paired to Zwift. Thanks.

No, no steering device and connect via ANT+ (but I doubt that would be an issue).

I did save the game and launcher logs for that ride @shooj if you need them.

The FIT file would be more helpful in this instance than the game or launcher log. Would you see if the session you rode in Yumezi is saved?

Here’s how to download the FIT file. If you’d attach to an email to, I’ll keep an eye out for them. Thanks!

I’ve tried 2x to complete this route. Each time I end up flying straight through the roof and into the sky before the final right turn. Definately a bug at the end of the road. Seen a number of riders saying similar flying here.

Screenshot 2021-05-24 150447

We’re aware that Zwifters are taking flight on several different routes, and it looks like they’re all in the same part of the Yumezi world. I’m combing similar reports into this one thread to keep it tidy

So far, routes reported to have this glitch are:
Three Villages Loop
Kappa Quest
Spirit Forest

We’re working to fix this airborne view of the new world. Thanks for reporting in, everyone.

Hi, went flying myself this week, loved it , blamed the steering device as all the way up to take off I seemed to be off the side of the track. Glad I am not the only one.
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I took off from Spirit Forest. No steering device.

Just happened to me about 3.2 miles into the Three Village Loop

If you go to my activities it’s there

Hi All.

This happened to me today too during a run. I went flying through the roof as described by the other athletes and then off in a straight line.

I am attaching the image from Strava that show the straight line course after the glitch.

I was running Zwift on an iPad Air (3rd generation).
Happy to provide any details that can help fixing the bug.

This just happened to me today (no steering device). Ruined my workout!

Flying right now! Spirit forest course. No steering device, normal wahoo kickr 2019 connected via Ant+.

This is also happening to me. Keeps happening at the exact same location regardless of route, solo riding, group workouts, events, etc.

Getting kinda annoying now. Windows 10 gaming build, i7-4790T, GTX960, everything up to date, wired Ethernet connection. No steering devices, Kickr trainer connected via ant+.

Is it just a case of a Zwift end bug that they need to fix or something I can prevent at my end?

Attached a couple of screenshots to show the moment my avatar leaves the road and flies off into space.

It’s the game, not you. Won’t change until there’s a new update which fixes it.

Thanks. It’s up their with the mental shadows in terms of annoyance.

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