Flagged while riding with Maria (2.2/k)?

Today i started my workout with an group ride, nothing too hot @2.8w/k avg (leader saved last lap at race pace for anyone who was interested) and then joined Maria pacer bot.
To my total surprise while riding beside her @ 10k mark i think i got the “lost an opportunity as an pro…” or something like warning and the miscalibration signal by my name… WTH? wattage and HR was consistent and low all through both rides??
After that riding with the pacer bot became super hard, almost impossible, had to end my ride right there.
I think i will not be able to ride again without that warning sign soon, so if you please Zwift… still a bit mad about this bug and ending my workout sooner that expected but please correct this!
Don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this:
PC zwift client, updated; Bluetooth pedal power connection; ant+ Hr connection; tacx NEO2 trainer

Hi Ricardo, how are you?

I didn’t have this problem…

I think it’s easier for you to send a screenshot.

sure… managed to take this one
Thanks for your reply. im a bit afraid this can happen again before an important race…