Missing Robo Pacers

Hi all. So last night I was riding with Maria on Turf n Surf, got distracted momentarily so had to do a quick sprint to catch up. My trainer dropped immediately after I left off the gas, and Zwift would not find the bluetooth connection again until I restarted.
Logging back in after a reboot, the Makuri Islands Maria wasn’t listed anymore and was forced to join the Watopia Maria (oh the humanity).
I’m a little less concerned about the dropout as it’s such a rarity, more interested to hear if anyone else has noticed missing robo pacers from the home screen, as it wasn’t the first time I’ve seen it so don’t think it’s v1.34’s fault.
Thanks for the help.

This isn’t a 1.34 issue.

I don’t know why it happens but we do get odd reports of people not being able to see a specific PAce Partner.

If anyone is able to let me know “live-ish” I should hopefully be able to get one of our devs to check.

I’ve seen once or twice the RPs put sometimes way out of place in the selection row. Eg. Maria showing as the 2nd RP or somesuch.

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Sure, what would be the best way to notify you?

Tagging on here is fine.

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Thanks James! Keep your phone on full volume when you to go bed, as it’ll be the wee hours of the morning for you when I’m riding!

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Tag @shooj too :joy:


@James_Zwift, @shooj

Hi guys. This is not a huge deal but wanted to make you aware that one of the Coco options is in the wrong place. Perhaps why I wasn’t able to locate her when I first started this thread. See picture attached!

I think that’s intended behaviour, the idea being that your “favourite” RP appears in Position 1 to save you having to scroll.

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I think it’s normally the last one that you rode with shows at the front.

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Ah, that makes sense. Cheers James.