Pacers dissapearing

Just started a ride with Miguel, after a few minutes they dissapeared, a few minutes later Jacques appeared suddenly in middle of Tempus?

And now Jacques just disappeared?

Same thing happened to me today with Miguel. After less than 5 minutes of riding with the Pace Partner, he just vanished.

This happened to me with Yumi, but this was on January 18th (before the 1.33.0 update).

The PP suddenly started moving erratically and then disappeared off-course (stage right) never to be seen again (certainly not for the next 30 mins, when I continued to ride with the remnants of the bemused PP group).

Happened to me as well yesterday in Makuri with Coco and today in Watopia with Genie. Not good if you plan a long ride with the pacer…

Same thing with me today - but I didn’t start with a pacer ride - I joined while free-riding on Waistband. Happened with both Miguel and Bernie.

@James_Zwift are those RoboPacers being naughty?

Robo Pacers Announce Work Stoppages Over Pay, Working Conditions


Same things happen to me with Maria today. After she suddenly disappeared, she showed up far ahead. The gap between her and me was 30secs.

Hey everyone,

Since today morning, just after the update of 1.33, the pace partners disappear mid ride and come back at a complete different place. So far an endurance ride with the robo pacers are not possible. I asked around a bit and it looks like there are many reporting this problem this morning.

Edit: looks like this is only happening in watopia, works in makuri.

Had the same issue with pace partner today.

Same happened to me yesterday on Watopia Waistband however, I didn’t witness the return of the bot…

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Will flag - thanks all.


ditto on this. Yumi disappeared twice today while doing the 25x Volcano… showed back up a couple minutes later. Put a bit of a damper on the ride.

Last week (pre-update) there was also an issue with a pacer bot disappearing at the top of the volcano.

Yep, we know they are randomly disconnecting and we’re working to get it fixed asap.

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They should now stop disappearing.

The issue with them not being visible on the home screen should be fixed in the next half hour or so.


The issue should now be fully fixed. We ran into some limits with having TDZ Event Bots also spawn in Watopia.


Bernie disappeared after 1h drive at Tempus Fugit yesterday Jan 30. The issue is not fixed completely yet

I suspect it is caused partly by the sheer volume of pacers we are using in TDZ.

I’ll flag with the team that it’s still happening.

A friend had all the riders disappear when riding with a PP the other day. All their bikes stayed. The names of the riders were on the nearby list, floating thumbs stayed floating. But all the avatars were gone for a bit. Not sure if that’s part of this PP issue too, but it happened on a PP ride. :man_shrugging:

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