Pacers dissapearing

That is often a sign of an overloaded CPU

Interesting, thanks. I’ll pass that along. :slight_smile:

Yeah i used to get that a lot when trying to use zwift on a very dodgy and under powered android phone!

Have they become sentient already ?

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Is this issue still flagged? The robo pacers are constantly disappearing in pacer groups on various routes. (ie. Jacques will go missing in the Makuri Island Castle-to-Castle route right at the bottom of the descent in Yumezi). The bug severely hinders functionality of the pacer groups at the moment. I was hoping it would have been addressed with the last patch.

Yep, still looking.

Thanks for raising this Aaron, we’ve identified some gaps in our network broadcasting of RoboPacers that could cause intermittent hiccups. We plan to patch our servers and make further improvements to the game to hopefully eliminate these instances of disappearing RoboPacers.


Wondering if the pace partners might just be suffering from the more pronounced network connection problems as many normal users since the last update…

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