.fit file didn’t process for 100 mile ride

I still have a green lightning bolt in Zwiftpower for a 100+ mile ride that I did earlier today (Vegan Cyclist 100+1, zid=1646899…my longest ever in Zwift). Is there a way to coerce the fit file to be processed so I can see my full power data?

Thanks to anyone who can help with this.

A few current threads around on the fit file processing being delayed. Zwift are looking at at.

Edit: here’s one of them

PS. Congrats - thats a great ride and achievement!!

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Thank you for the link to the other thread!

Most riders’ files were processed for this ride…and expediently, too. There are just a handful of us whose files seem to have been missed.

Yep - thats the case with a lot of events. Just had a look - the ratio of unprocessed to processed is what I have been seeing as the norm at the moment. Maybe add your voice to the thread I referenced so that when they re-run whatever the do in the background to fix this, yours will be updated too.

Added my voice to the referenced thread, thanks. Fingers crossed.

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