Finding Zwifters as DS

I have been a DS for ZSUN for over 3 years now. My usual way of finding riders to fan view tham has changed recently. In the past I would be able to find a zwifter who is my friend easily. I will use a fake name for example. If the person I was looking for had a name like John Doe Bike Fast Best Rider IN World ZSUNR… I would be able to type John space then ZS and they would appear in my list of names to choose from. In the past 3 weeks something has changed. Now I would have to type almost their entire name to find them. So if their name was Jonh Williams ZSUN I have to type john Wil ZS and maybe a few more letters. I have been trying to figure out if it was me or not. But I would love to see if anyone else is having the same issue. And is there a way for me to have a list of the last lets say 10 riders I fan view. I often DS up to 10 people in 6 different pens in the same race. It would make swapping back and forth easier if it had a previous memory associated with it.