Cannot find my friend in ZwiftPower Search

Why can’t I find my friend “Gary Plea****” when searching Riders in I go to Events, see the Riders tab, click on it, the enter his name in the Search box. I see many other Gary’s but not him.

I CAN only locate him by clicking on the results of an event he attended then clicking on him there, and can see his profile that way. I can also find him by searching his Team name and locating him there.

Now that rider search tab is back up, I noticed that the problem the OP mentioned still seems to be an issue. Anyone else noticed this?

In Zwiftpower/friends, there are 2 major columns. “Following” and “Followers you are not following”
These lists are totally messed up.

  1. In “Following”, I don’t see all ppl I follow.
  2. In “Followers you are not following” I see a huge number of ppl I do follow but they are listed in “not followed”.
  3. For many of my friends, who I follow and also follows me, I cannot find them in either list

is this a known bug? Would be VERY good if this was fixed so I can find friends as I assume is intended. Else I have no idea why the “friends” page exist


There has been some chatter about it recently