Zwift power rider search tool

Has the ability to search for riders been removed? It used to appear as a tab when you clicked events but is no longer there and I can’t find it under any other option. As a team manager, I found this really useful to look at the history of potential new riders

A cynical person might suggest this is due to recent posts highlighting ridiculous sandbagging.

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What would a non-cynical person think :laughing:

It’s probably just broken lallalalalalalalaaaaaa

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Apparently some reasonably big Zwift Power changes coming, so could be the start of that. Could also be performance related, as it would search the entire ZP database and would often cause my browser to hang.

Zwift need to bring this back. Makes it hard managing teams in the WTRL without it!

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was wondering where it went

@xflintx are you aware this search function has disappeared? Was it intentional?


This was intentional.

To give you some context, every single time someone clicked on riders, it downloaded a 110mb file from Zwiftpower (hence why it was so slow). It was also breaking Zpoints for any newly registered users (ie they would get none).

I’m going to put something into the workstack for January to look at how to do this in a manner that is more graceful as I fully recognise that it’s needed.

A workaround (albeit not ideal) is to go to the rankings and filter from there.


Hi, just wondering if there is an update on getting this feature restored? Thanks!