'Riders' and 'About Us' links disappeared/empty

I went to look for a rider today on ZwiftPower and the ‘Riders’ tab has been removed (it usually appeared when the ‘Events’ page was open). Is there another way to search for riders in ZwiftPower?

I was also trying to find out a bit of information about a team, and it seems the ‘About Us’ page for all teams has been wiped. Could this please be reinstated?

You can find riders if you know which team they’re in.

e.g. go to ZwiftPower - Login

Find the team (I searched for LBRT). Click the team name and you’ll have a list of the members.

that’s annoying it was working within the last couple days so something must of changed

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another bad change of zwiftpower…i would like to see a good Change, but all last changes where taking zwiftpower into the wrong direction.


That does rather depend on them already having a team though :slight_smile:

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True enough. But if it’s someone you’ve raced against you’ll also find them in race results. :smiley:

Anything else is probably stalking! :rofl:

(I wouldn’t even be surprised if it’s a move to make it harder to call out sandbaggers.)

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I’d wager it’s as much about being a ‘costly’ search - it seemed like it was trying to narrow down the full list of riders as you typed.


Certainly very possible. Not too difficult to get performant though, I’d think. Whether it’s worth that effort is another matter.

I’ve posted about this today in another thread.

The removal of the rider search was deliberate. Every time someone clicked on the button, it downloaded a 110mb file from Zwiftpower - which is why the search was always slow. It also stopped Zpoints working for anyone who recently registered on ZP.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ll raise this in January to try and find a more graceful method of being able to search for a rider and I recognise it’s important for things like ZRL Admins to check on people wanting to join in on their teams and ensuring they are entering the correct category etc.


:rofl: OK, that’s admittedly crazy!