Zwift Power team signups

I manage a team on Zwift Power. When I navigate to my team page and go to the Signups tab I expect that I will see all events that members have signed up for in the coming days, but the page is always blank. Any insight into whats going on? Is this page just broken?

I think that’s been broken for a year and a half or so - and I don’t think it ever was all that reliable before that, at least back for another year before that.

Thanks, that’s what I feared. Seems they have stopped investing in Zwift Power.

To be fair, I think that was broken before Zwift took over ZwiftPower, I’m not positive it ever worked reliably.

Not sure if I’ve ever seen that work but would be a nice feature to have. I know I can see those who I follow from companion but a list format for just those who I actually race with would be great to see as I’ll always favour events where I see teammates riding.

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