Fenix 7* and Epix 2 Support?

Do you think the new Garmin watches will work on Zwift?

I know the 945 does but the Fenix 6 has issues.
Hopefully the newer tech will allow it to work.

Fenix 6 is fine too. Whats your problem with it James?

Edit: to answer your question, Garmin built the ANT standard so I’d expect thatt to be rock solid with the 7 and Epic. Garmin are pretty good with BT too, a few of my mates use it and have no issues. They do have BT issues with zwift though, but not just with garmins.

I’ve a Fenix 6 and its seamless with Zwift. I would imagine the 7 will be pretty much the same.


I haven’t actually tried it myself with the Fenix 6, just going based off what I’ve found online in the forums and Zwift’s official list of supported devices.

I feel like Zwift should update the list to include Garmin’s top of the line smartwatch :stuck_out_tongue:

But it seems like they work fine for other people though!
Can’t wait to try it out with the Epix :slight_smile:

Best advice I can give is dont be the first to buy one of their new platforms. The software can be fairly average, but imo, the Fenix platform has got really stable, at least for cycling purposes.

Agree, that Epix screen looks awesome. When you get it hooked up for cycling, do circle back here and let us know how it goes.

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I use a Fenix 6X Pro Solar with Zwift. It works perfectly well using the Treadmill activity or Virtual Run activity.

Note that I do use a chest strap (HRM-PRO) and a Stryd footpod. So in Treadmill mode there is no relationship or dependency between the watch and Zwift.

In Virtual Run mode I use the watch to adjust the pace data from Stryd, since I use a curved manual treadmill, and the watch sends the modified pace on to Zwift. HR and Cadence are sent directly from the strap and Stryd without modification.