Garmin fenix 6x pro zwift run pod

Hi all, I’m not yet a zwift user.
Is the zwift run pod compatible with my fenix 6x pro?
My idea is to use the pod to get speed and distance on treadmill at the gym before my workout.
I run on trail and road, but a tendon lesion send me back to treadmill till it is completely recovered.
Is this possible, use the zwift run pod connected to fenix 6x pro to get speed and distance more accurately?

If you want you can connect your fenix 6 pro direct to zwift. Provided you’ve updated your firmware you will have an activity called virtual run. This can link via Bluetooth direct into zwift.

The only downside is that it uses the accelerometer for distance and it won’t tally with zwift. That said the run pod isn’t that accurate either.

I think that it is possible.
It is not the same pair, but the following combinations function.

Garmin instinct
Polar straide sensor

but I do not know whether it is more correct than a Fenix6X pro’s treadmill mode.
I think that it turns out similar.

O bought it anyway, I think it’s possible because my bike sensors (Garmin ones manteless) are Bluetooth both of them, cadence and speed.
If it does not pair with fenix 6x pro I will pair of with iPhone with swift.
I think the accuracy of a foot pod for my experience indoors is better than the one on the watch, because it stays on your foot all time.

Hi again, received my run pod today.
Connected to fenix 6x pro flawlessly, I will try it out on the treadmill today.

Be interesting to see what the accuracy difference is between the run pod and the virtual run option on the watch that uses the accelerometer.

Well I did not run yet, although I did calibrate it and it was very accurate with the treadmill itself, the Garmin on my last run was about 400 meters off, less 400m than the treadmill.

How do you know that the treadmill is accurate?

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Because it was reviewed yesterday, calibrated and updated, my cousin owns several gyms, and is very careful with that sort of things.
My fenix is very accurate outside, gps+Galileo, treadmill not so much.