Garmin Fenix 5x and running on zwift

Good day,

Before I go and buy a foot pod or something like that, I currently have a Garmin Fenix 5x and also a new wahoo tickr x. We just got a used treadmill - not a smart mill - and I wonder if I can run on Zwift using what I have or do I need a foot pod etc. I read the supported devices but it doesn’t make sense to me why older devices are supported vice newer ones.

I usually run Zwift companion on my iOS phone and run Zwift on my MacBook all using BT vice ant+ (I don’t have a receiver currently.

Y0ur advice is appreciated.

If you don’t care about cadence values you can use the Treadmill Smart Speed app on your phone to broadcast your treadmill speed to Zwift.

Otherwise you would need a Smart Treadmill that broadcasts its speed, footpod (garmin, Stryd, etc), or a treadmill speed sensor that attaches to the frame. The app is the least expensive (can’t remember if it’s free or not) option to see if you like Zwift Running then you can always upgrade.