New user setup questions

Hi everyone, I’ve just ordered a treadmill which says has the latest FTMS, so should interact with apps (Strava, Zwift etc) as much as the app allows. So, having done that, and had a play about on the Zwift interface a bit, I have a couple of questions while I wait for it to arrive.

1 - I understand that Zwift can take the speed and elevation reading from treadmills, but can’t Contol them the other way (although I have seen some requests for elevation control) - is that still the case?

2 - I don’t like wearing a HR chest strap (only way to feed HR to the tread without constantly holding the handles). I have a Garmin Fenix 5, Which doesn’t support Virtual run mode. Am I right in saying if I get an ANT+ dongle for the laptop, I can broadcast wrist HR from my Fenix to Strava?

3 - if I run a Zwift activity, and start a treadmill activity on my watch, am I likely to get duplicates, or will the tech recognise them as the same activity (have seen a post somewhere about having IQ turned on, but don’t quite understand)

4 - I’ve seen some posts saying Zwift running is free. But they were from over a year ago. Is that still the case?

5 - I’ve looked in the ‘customisable workout’ section on the app via iPhone, and can’t seem to see an option to create a bespoke workout. Is there limited functionality due to Zwift running being free? Or is this likely to be something I’m missing because I haven’t got the treadmill connected yet?

6 - finally, I’m thinking my set-up will be something like this… if someone can let me know if it sounds ‘functional’ that would be great. NoblePro E8.0 treadmill, running Zwift on an old MacBook (which might need to be tethered off my mobile hotspot as it’s all in a garage), hard wire HDMI out from the MacBook to a TV on the wall, garmin Fenix 5 wrist HR transmitted to ANT+ dongle in the MacBook, iPhone for Zwift companion app for easy use on the tread.

Sorry for the many questions, have typically shied away from treadmills and just ran outside, but have bitten the bullet, so want to try abs make the most of it from the off.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes, duplicates can happen. But Strava on upload is smart enough to recognize as such, and only publish the first one. So always close out Zwift. Then hit “Done” on your Garmin.
  4. I believe it is still free.
  5. No clue.
  6. Sounds reasonable.

It might be of interest to you to check out the Runn

Thanks :+1: