Fenix 6x HR monitor and Zwift - problem


I am using Zwift on a Windows PC. The Schwinn IC8 bike is connected using an Android phone with the Zwift Companion app.
I then try to use the heart rate monitor on the Fenix 6X. I start a virtual run, but it doesn’t work because the pairing in Zwift doesn’t see the Fenix.

I have to disconnect the Fenix from the phone.
Then it’s OK - Zwift sees the Fenix, I can pair it with Zwift.
I then have to reconnect the Fenix to my phone by entering the PIN again.

This is very annoying as I have to do this every time I train.

Is there any way for the Zwift to see the heart rate monitor without constantly un-paring and re-pairing Fenix with my phone?

It’s a limitation of Bluetooth. BT allows only one direct connection.
If your Fenix can share HR over ANT+, buy a ANT+ USB Stick for your PC.

But the optical HR on the wrist is BS.
I Have a Garmin Chest strap and a Garmin FR 245.
My chest strep says HR 155, my 245 says I’m chilling at 78.

Just buy a chest strap.

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