No heart rate tracking with garmin fenix 7 and zwift hub

When i pair elite novo trainer, i am able to track heart rate with garmin watch which then gives training effect etc.

Since upgrading to Zwift Hub, i can no longer track heart rate. When it pairs with Zwift Hub the heart rate on activites is blank. Anyone else faced this ?

Hey Peter! Welcome to the forums! Are you pairing the Fenix to the Zwift hub or to the game directly? I believe the Zwift hub can bridge ant + to Bluetooth so there could be some interference between the two.

Ive tried both. Connecting to the game gives a static incorrect heart rate number.
Connecting the watch to the Zwift Hub and starting the indoor bike activity on the watch produces a — heart rate. I then connected the watch back to the Elite Novo - starts working.

Where is the heart rate blank? On the Zwift game app, or on a Garmin app? Please clarify?

Is it possible that the watch’s HR signal is still bonded to the Elite trainer or to something else (another app)?

I experience exactly the same problem . My fennix 7 connects with my Tacx Fluid Smart and controls the trainer + displays HR data when in Indoor cycling mode . Once upgraded to Zwift hub I lost Heart rate data input when training Indoor Cycling . The HR data does not come up in training stats either . HR rate broadcast still possible though

I recommend to check how many connections your HR strap supports and then go from there.

I had similar issues and was able to resolve it as follows:

  • I have Wahoo Tickr which has 2xBT and Ant+ (unlimited). In the most frequent case I use 4 connections that consume HR - phone with TrainerRoad, tablet with Zwift, Fenix 7 watch, Wahoo Headwind

Here is how I solved my HR connectivity issues:

  • TrainerRoad on phone - must connect via BT (1st channel)
  • Zwift on tablet via BT (2nd channel)
  • Fenix 7 via Ant+ (!!!). It was sometimes connecting via BT which caused that HR was not available on TR or Zwift. There is an easy fix - under Settings/Sensors - turn the HR BT sensor as off and it will pickup the Ant+ channel
  • Wahoo Headwind is easy because it only goes via Ant+

I hope this may help.

same here on Forerunner 255 - the Zwift Hub should disable the heart rate BLE characteristic when you don’t have a HRM paired - new firmware update needed I reckon

I am also facing this issue, did anyone find a resolution to this? I am currently connecting directly to my power meter on my fenix 7 and broadcasting HR but unable to connect to trainer without losing my heart rate.

I have the same problem. I can connect the Garmin watch (Fenix 6) to the Zwift Hub via Companion/BT as an HR sensor, but only 0 is being displayed as HR (resp. “–” in the left upper corner), although the watch is sending and showing the connection to the Hub on its display. Has anyone found a solution yet? I read that others have similar problems after update 4.0.

You using Apple TV that limits connections?

I don’t use the companion app to broadcast the data but connect both the watch and hub directly to my PC via BT. That seems to work nicely. (Not actually tried it through app before)

I used to use a Polar strap for HR but found, during testing, that the watch (7x) was pretty much spot on so started using that instead. Added bonus of intensity minutes being recorded!

Thanks for responding…
No Apple TV; Zwift Hub (as well as watch/HR-strap, since bridge does not work) is connected to Windows PC via BT-Dongle. I do not use the companion app either.

And you set the Garmin to broadcast HR and it doesn’t show up in Zwift? Does it show up on the pc if you scan for BT devices?

Zwift support told me “smartwatches are not supported as HRM”… not sure why, but that’s what i was told.

However using my Fenix 6 it works for me like this:

  • Enable sending heartrate and use companion app to bond the ANT+ Fenix to the Zwift hub. I think its important to use the detected Ant+ and not the bluetooth interface of the fenix.

  • Enable “send Heartrate during activity in the settings” …

  • Start zwift app, start ‘indoor cycling’ on the fenix.

  • Both the app and the fenix now show the heartrate from my fenix…

Hi there.
For a reason i don`t know, it worked. Once again connected my Fenix via Ant+ to Zwift hub… voilà! HR was shown during activity. Thanks anyway for your help (@Stephan: das mit dem Senden während der Aktivität hatte ich schon eingestellt, das lasse ich an - auch ohne Aktivität an der Uhr - ich fasse nichts mehr an;-))

Now… if anyone could help out with unstable cadence i`d be a lucky man.

Most smart trainers don’t have a cadence sensor. They estimate cadence based on your pedaling style. It often works well but not for everyone. If it doesn’t work for you, get a cadence sensor.

Thanks for the link! That was very interesting! In fact, I guess I’m just spoiled by Kickr and Kickr Core. There it worked flawlessly. With the Zwift hub, the numbers fluctuate significantly. I had already thought of a cadence sensor. However, I wanted to avoid another device actually. Apparently there is no better way.

I’m currently having similar issues to those discussed at the beginning of this thread.

I have a brand new Zwift Hub paired with the Zwift app on my Macbook Pro. When I connect my Garmin Forerunner 965 the connection appears to be successful but over the duration of my ride, the heart rate never changes from the initial value at the time of pairing i.e. if my heart rate is 78 at the moment I pair the watch then it will stay that way throughout the entire ride.

I’ve tried using both Virtual Run and Virtual Bike with my watch. Broadcast heart rate is definitely toggled to on. What am I missing? Is this a Zwift or Garmin issue?

Is this in the Garmin settings for the virtual bike activity or in Zwift settings?

Garmin setting but in the sensor options. On my Fenix 6 its: Menu / Sensors & Accessories / Wrist Heart Rate / Broadcast during Activity

FWIW I run (outdoors) and normally use my Fenix 6 for HR while doing so but if it’s shorter intervals I’m doing I wear a chest HRM instead. I find that watches are too slow to catch fast changes in HR. Just something to consider.