Unable to display heart rate from Garmin Fenix 6

I’m trying to log my workout on Garmin watch at the same time as displaying heart rate on Zwift whilst using Tacx Flow turbo trainer. Problem I’m having is I can only get my heart rate displayed on Zwift if I broadcast it on watch settings. This then wont allow me to run a cycling session on the watch at the same time… Am I doing something wrong here?

Nope, that is the correct way.

If you want to dual record you will need a different HRM. You could get a Wahoo Tickr or Garmin Dual and you would be al set.

So… I shouldnt broadcast my heart rate from the watch - just run as ‘bike indoor’ on the garmin watch and then connect my heart rate sensor (wahoo tickr - which I already own luckily) and that should work? i.e it should record as a workout on my watch AND I’d get to see my heart rate on zwift?

It should if you use ANT+ for one of both connections.

If you select to broadcast HR then you can also do a ride indoors workout and it’ll continue broadcasting your HR.

Sorry Paul - how do I do that?

On my fenix 5 I have the option ‘Broadcast During Activity’, its in Settings → Sensors & Accessories → Wrist Heart Rate, at the bottom

It connects to Zwift, while I am recording a ‘Bike Indoor’ activity on the watch:

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that’s what i was hoping mine would do but even with broadcast during activity is set and I’m recording Bike Indoor - I cant see heart rate on Zwift…

really? So I set to broadcast and then back out of that setting and go into ride indoors and it will let me? I’ll try. Thank you

I may be wrong but I think it only broadcast in ANT+ ( I know for certain that the Fenix 3HR only does on ANT+)

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They did a firmware update on the 6 Gerry that allows for Bluetooth transmissions.


I use my watch in this way. To make sure it works go into the activity menu before you pair.
You’ll then see it gives you both BT and ANT+.

This pairing will then remain during the recording of the activity.

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Also more details in here: Quick Tidbit: Garmin Adds Dual ANT+/Bluetooth Smart HR Broadcasting to Fenix 6

Thanks @Stuart.Middlecoate for confirming.