Garmin Fenix 6x Wrist Heart Rate

Why will Zwift pickup wrist heart rate on virtual run but not when I am broadcasting heart rate?

Just an FYI, the watch broadcast HR in ANT+ so that could be the issue.

@Paul_Allen, do you know why I can connect to Zwift with my wrist heart rate monitor when I’m on the virtual run setting?

What device are you running Zwift on?

I’m using the Garmin Speed and Cadence sensors which are fixed to the rear wheel hub and crank.

I mean what device are you running the Zwift app on (PC, Mac, iOS, ATV, Android)?

How are you connecting the devices, ANT+ or Bluetooth?

It seems you are only riding and not running so why would you need the Virtual Run mode?

If I’m not mistaken, since the last update the Fenix 6 and some forerunners (earlier) broadcast HR via bt ONLY on virtual run mode.
All the other modes are broadcasting via ANT.
My guess is that your device is only bt compatible (ie iPad, ATV…) so HR won’t be recorded.

Right now only these 2 Garmin’s broadcast HR in BLE:

I just tried with my watch and it looks ok (didn’t run though).

Edit: iPhone screenshot

Hi @Paul_Allen & @P_Carretta,

  1. HR on the Fenix 6x is broadcast on ANT+ not BT when in ‘Bike Indoor’ Mode.
  2. HR on the Fenix 6x is broadcast on BT not ANT+ when in ‘virtual run’ Mode.
  3. All my troubles would be taken care of if this solution was put in place -