Fenix 6 Pro won't pair with Mac Mini M1

I am on a mac mini m1 and I can not get my fenix 6 pro to show up in the pairing screen. Stryd shows up but no Fenix 6.

When i ran on windows my watch showed up to pair no problem.

Why can’t I see my watch to pair when I am on the mac m1??

I beleive Fenix 6 can only transmit ANT+, you need an USB - ANT+ dongle.


Sorry to hear that you’ve run into trouble getting the Fenix 6 pro to transmit heart rate in Zwift.

So, it sounds like the watch was able to pair for heart rate in Zwift on your Windows computer, but it’s not pairing on the Mac M1, is that correct? If so, that’s odd.

Is it just the Fenix 6 not pairing to Zwift on the Mac M1 or are other devices failing to pair as well?

Are you using the Virtual Run on the watch as part of your pairing process? If not, I believe that’s required if you’re going to use BLE. Here’s a YouTube video from DC Rainmaker, which might help.

Otherwise, ANT+ pairing might be your best bet. Let me know!

I am using the virtual run on my watch to pair to zwift.

Also, my stryd is pairing via bluetooth without issue.

Hi Michael, thanks for confirming that!

I’ve actually seen an uptick as of late of Zwifters reporting problems pairing the Garmin Fenix 6 watches to Zwift for heart rate. Yours is (I think) at least the 3rd report I’ve seen here on the forums within the last week, and I’d say that constitutes a potential trend.

That being the case, I’ve flagged up this issue to a higher technical authority on our team, and I’m working to get some more information. I appreciate your patience on this!

Hi @michael_challoner , I heard back from the team and more or less got a historic context summary of Garmin watches used to pair as heart rate in Zwift.

To summarize it all, the Garmin Fenix 6 pro specs on Garmin’s website indicate that it “BROADCASTS HR DATA OVER ANT+™ TO PAIRED DEVICES”.

What this means for Zwift is that it’ll almost certainly and most reliably work if using a computer for Zwift with an ANT+ dongle. Otherwise, perhaps not so much.

As for the Virtual Run, I don’t begin to understand exactly how that application layer works, but if I had to wager a guess, it’s bridging the ANT+ connection to BLE in order to pair to apps and devices that will accept BLE pairing. Since that presumed “bridging” functionality is handled through Virtual Run, if it was working in Zwift previously, but now no longer works, then my first guess is that something about it broke on the Garmin side.

That being said, it might be more productive if you’d like to pursue this issue further with Garmin Support, and get their take on it. I hope that helps!

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