Fenix 6 does not connect virtual run zwift

I’m not able to connect my Garmin FENIX 6 to zwift, I put it to pair but to no avail.
In some garmin groups, no one is able to find fenix on zwift.
Has any update made this happen?

Hi @juninho_esteves_ZTBR

Sorry to hear that your Garmin FENIX 6 is not connecting to Zwift for the virtual run.

The general instructions for pairing a Garmin watch to Zwift for running can be found in this article.

If that doesn’t help, I did notice in this article that only certain Garmin Forerunner watches are listed as being supported. Since the Garmin FENIX 6 is not listed there, it may not technically be supported at this time, I’m sorry to say.

There may be others in the community who’ve had luck implementing workarounds to jury-rig the Garmin FENIX 6 to work in Zwift for the purpose of virtual run, but again, I don’t know that it’s technically or officially supported as yet for Zwift.

FWIW, I am able to pair my Fenix 6 to Zwift without issue using the ‘Virtual Run’ activity, and it is transmitting for run speed, HR and cadence. Let me know if you’d like more details on my setup to help troubleshoot, but I do know it works! :slight_smile:

@juninho I have the same problem. My Fenix 6 used to pair to zwift, but now nothing. I have followed all the basic help. Bluetooth on, off, disconnect form Connect app, reconnect, ANT+, zwift companion app…NOTHING. All firmware is up to date. Something is not working…I used to use the virtual run a lot. Not anymore.

I have just been trying this too with my Garmin Epix (which is the same as a Fenix 7), it does not work. I tried with a phone, a table and with a PC. :frowning: