Garmin ( Fenix 7S Pro Solar) compatibility -Zwift Hub One

Hi all,

Next to a running with my Fenix 7S Pro Solar, I am also an avid Zwifter (with a Zwift Hub One trainer) and I love to train with the suggested workouts. However I encounter the following compatibility issues:

A) Pairing my Zwift with Garmin and then automatically upload my Zwift to Connect. While my accute load is updated after an activity, it does not impact my load focus. If found that this is a general issue, so this is why I tried plan B.

B) Start an indoor bike session and connect my smartwatch with my Zwift Hub One trainer. Here my watch disconnects for 20 sec every minute and a half. Even worse, he then concludes that my power is 0. As a consequence, my results are widely inaccurate and I also cannot use the data.

Do I really have to resort to the time-consuming plan C (record a indoor bike session, use Zwift and then enter the Zwift data manually), or are there other options?

Hi @Remi_Biesbrouck, thanks for the detailed information. Regarding plan B, the BLE dropouts may be caused due to compatibility issues. While several Garmin watch models are compatible with Zwift, those devices will work if the built-in Virtual Run feature is enabled. For supported watch please, review this article. If compatibility is confirmed please, ensure your device has the latest Garmin software. To confirm this please, sync with the Garmin Connect app or with Garmin Express.