Feedback Sports Omnium zPower curve

(Victor Tavernini) #1

I’ve been using a Travel Trac Comp Fluid trainer for a while with good results.  A friend lent me his Feedback Sports Omnium and the zPower curve is materially different from the Travel Trac.   Zwift is reading half the power with the same perceived effort with the Travel Trac.   Is anyone else having issues with the Omnium zPower curve?


Victor Tavernini

(David K) #2

The only other thing that could cause the discrepancy aside from Zwift’s virtual power curve is the positioning and operation of your speed and cadence sensors. I did a bit of searching and did find one support ticket concerning inaccurate power profiles from the Omnium causing flier alerts, but before we could look into the concern, we lost contact with the member.

I’d recommend creating an email support ticket with us at While you’re at it, would you mind attaching copies of all of the log files in your ~/Documents/Zwift/Logs folder?

We should then be able to get our developers involved regarding correcting the power curve profile for you.

(Victor Tavernini) #3

Thank you for the speedy reply.  I sent the info and log files to your support email.   I do not believe it is the sensors as I was using the same bike with Garmin speed and cadence sensors (on the rear hub and crank arm, respectively).

Ideally I would just install a power meter on my bike, but my wife says that isn’t an option right now :slight_smile:

Thanks again and Zwift rocks!

Victor Tavernini

(David K) #4

I’m not seeing any email support tickets submitted or log files sent into us. Has somebody responded to the email you sent in already? You may need to write us again at and include your log files one more time if you haven’t received a reply.

(Victor Tavernini) #5

Hi David,

I sent in the files to and received a reply from Jon G.   However, the reply was that “We have calibrated the game for each trainer, due to the difference in designs and manufacturer there will always be differences.”

After doing some research, is it possible that the Omnium’s resistance is affected by rider weight.  If so, as a heavier rider (190 lbs.) and if the zPower profiles were set using a much lighter rider, then this might explain the large discrepancy.


Victor Tavernini