I've been waiting for a response since January 19th

So your “how can we help you today” is a little optimistic, seeing as I first posted January 19…

I am a paying member and do enjoy zwift. I have a lemond revolution - a high end trainer - that you have supposedly calibrated.

I say supposedly, as my results on zwift aren’t even close to my power tap results outdoors. 

I am pushing 1500 outside and can barely get over 1000 watts inside on a good day on zwift. 

On Jan 19 I asked the question, and posted the power curve of the lemond from the power curve site. 

So far I have had zero response from Zwift. In the face of no response from you I feel comfortable saying I think your calibration is wrong. It seems ok at the low efforts, but I think you have the calibration linearly and not with the J curve you can see on the attached graph. 

So I don’t think I can gain any of the benefits of zwift. The competition clearly isn’t on as I am handicapped by close to 30% at maximum efforts. I feel like I am pulling a chariot around the course. 

While I don’t expect it to be totally on par with outdoors, the effort should be somewhat recognizable. Its not. 


I am disappointed that its now March 15, and I first posted on January 19th. I do appreciate the effort in getting some calibration, but if its wrong, its not worth my investment. 


Hi Malcom,

Sorry we haven’t responded to your post from Jan 19th. While we do our best to read and respond to every post, the fastest way to get individual support is to submit a ticket here

I’ve spoken with our dev team and we’re going to take another look at the virtual power curve for the Revolution. We haven’t touched it since the 11/26/15 release as there hasn’t been much community feedback (and we…ahem…missed your Jan 19th post!). We’ve got some big things to get out the door this week first (hint, hint), but we’ll jump on it as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience and hope to see you out there.

Ride On. 


That curve indicates 1050 watts at 60 kph. so it looks like your trainer is limiting you.

If you have a powertap use it to measure the power for Zwift to use instead.

Thanks Scott, I look forward to the review. 


Y ohans, buy me the set up and I’ll use it.

I have a perfectly good trainer, and like my bike strapped in via the frame. Its a more solid base. I don’t intend to buy a new trainer to stick my wheel in. Thanks.

1100 watts didn’t get me to 30 mph. 

That’s the nature of devices where power has to be interpolated from other factors. 

Good luck




But isn;t all power interpolated from devices? Its all engineering and math. Some believe its more accurate in some measures than others. And likely it is. But not by as far as many would like to think.