Struggling with your calibration

First I can say that pushing watts on the lemond revolution is way harder than it is pushing the power tap outdoors. There is a significant difference in performance. What is a killer for me on zwift is the first 5 seconds, and the top end. Outdoors I am over 1400 in the first 5 seconds, on zwift I am barely exceeding 300 at the same point. And I am peaking at just over 1100, and its killing me. You will struggle to convince me that you haven’t built in a handicap. Or the guy who calibrated it, didn’t understand the lemond doesn’t increase on a linear basis. It gets harder the harder you go. Its not linear.

Second point is the sprint times. I used to run 21 seconds flat for 200m, out of blocks, from a standing start. Most sprints are the vague 2/10 or 3/10ths of a mile, but you have a couple which are specifically 200 m. I average 29.4 mph - on a rolling start, and get a time of 27 seconds. Usain Bolt can’t hit 29 mph on a peak speed, and runs 19.18 seconds. 

I have a similar time accuracy challenge on your other sprints, but that is largely due to my inability to register effective watts in a timely fashion. Though I have powered through at 800 + and end up with an average wattage of 250 on zwift (after download to strava). 

Zwift, I believe is built on math and physics, so I’m struggling to understand what I see as discrepancies. Any feedback for me besides telling me to work harder?

I am enjoying myself, however, I do need to see some relationship between the effort I am putting out and the results I see. 



It certainly doesn’t feel like this