Feature Request: Sharing Rides Publicly

Here’s the User Story:

I want to share details about my rides with friends/family.

At the moment, there is no way to share a ride with someone that does not have a Zwift account. I’m still trying to find a work-around (Thinking I might be able to export rides to Strava and share from there).

This should be a built-in feature on Zwift. I would like to have a “Share” button immediately upon completing a ride and when when viewing rides on zwift dot com. This button could just generate a link to a public (as in the entire internet can see it) page displaying ride details. Alternatively, if you really don’t want zwift data to be private for some reason, just embed an auth token (like a JWT valid for a month?) in the URL when it’s generated.

Don’t know how old this post is, but you can share your rides to Strava and other different platforms.

Search on the Zwift site for 3rd Party platforms and the article about it appears.

I’m aware. I want to share my ride with an arbitrary human that doesn’t work at a third party cycling platform.

-you can make them Zwift members
-or just share your .fit file of your ride. You do that already when you export to Strava automatically, but indeed, non Zwift users can not acces this info on an webpage.
-if accessing your device for looking up your .fit file is too much a hassle, a workaround so far is taking screenshots at the end of your ride, or make a screenshot of the result presented in the Companion app on your phone. Then you can share the shots on Facebook, Whatsapp, Signal Messenger etc…

Can you share the link from your activity feed on the website?

Yes, and it requires valid credentials in order to access it.

I assume that sharing via Facebook is out of the question? If you upload to Strava or Garmin Connect then that becomes an option too.

Correct, I stay as far away from social media as possible. :slight_smile:

Strava does allow for users to share rides publicly. However, this is the only work around I’ve found currently. Would be a great feature addition to Zwift, IMO.

Isn’t sharing activities from Zwift to other folk the very definition of social media?

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Maybe David should ask his friends if they even want to see his Zwift rides? I have zero friends that would be interested in seeing my zwift activities and those that do have an interest already see them on strava.

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