Favorites button

I think it’s okay to be friends with someone on Zwift, but the possibility to mark someone as a favorite is going too far and also quite stalker. Why did you introduce this button? It’s quite far that I get messages from someone who says you’re on the zwift again and you make this possible.

This has already been mentioned in other threads, so you might want to search those out and vote them up. Also, it is really the marking as a favorite that is the issue, or that the person being favorited doesn’t even know, and cannot ‘deny’ the request?

Do you have a link to that thread? I believe that as a person you have the right to refuse to be marked as a favourite.

I would agree with that.

And, no, I don’t have the link. I believe it was a thread about privacy, though. You might be able to use the search function to find it, or someone with a better memory than myself might post the link here soon.