Family and Child Plan Request

Views do not bother, but votes should - 656 does not seem to be enough…

This is definitely needed, or at least be able to have 2 persons on the same acompt. At the moment Zwift appears more interested in making money than doing things for the community/family users.

Netflix and Amazon Video are doing it !

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Family sharing is a much needed feature. Zwift competitor Rouvy allows up to 2 family members to share a master account for free. Each family member has his or her own account, but only the master-account holder pays the $12.99/mo Rouvy subscription–similar to Apple’s family subscription.

Family plans (additional family members pay a nominal fee), shared family subscriptions (2-3 free add-on accounts), or a combination of both (2 free accounts and then $4.99/mo for each additional family member) should be seriously considered, or Zwift will find itself losing loyal members.


I agree this is definitely a MUST HAVE feature !

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Yeah, explaining it away like online games doesn’t make sense. This feels more like a Spotify or Netflix subscription even if it has strong game elements. It’s a content subscription and those are all done by household. And allow multiple users at once but I think people would be happy with one user at once in most case shere.

And many online games allow you to have multiple avatars/characters. I’ve 100% played online games with my wife without buying two copies of it. We’ve switched characters for a lot but there are also ones like Diablo 3 on the Switch where we can play at the same time locally even though there are heavy online components.

At least, that’s my initial impression. I’m still looking into what system I want to jump into and this is factoring in strongly. Sounds like there still hasn’t been any news/movement on this?

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Insane that Zwift does not have a family account option. I’m not looking for multiple concurrent users, We only have one turbo trainer in the house. We just need a more cost effective way to allow myself, my wife and two daughters to enjoy Zwift.

Please sort this out ASAP.


Definitely a MUST HAVE! A spouse account with significant discount would help a lot for brand loyalty! Win-win.


Logged in again in the hope a family plan has been started. It would be good to merge all related threads as it looks like they are so fragmented Zwift are not seeing the gravity of the situation. We have one trainer and up to 4 users. No way will we ever pay full price for more than one rider. Neither should zwift expect us to. So looks like no family plan so will miss out again on sharing rides and stats. Other than the stats and shared rides the zwift platform is nowhere near as good as my FREE Tacx advance training TTS 4 software. My trainer is controlled much better with Tacx. So We are stuck using different software per rider. Such a shame.

Also. No point having a Zwift forum without input from official from Zwift. Anyone from Zwift like to comment on the madness of missing out on so many extra accounts?

Anyway off to ride on Tacx till things change

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All the new threads I see regarding this request are directed here. There is no fragmentation of this request as far as I know.


Thanks for reply.

I thought there was over 1000 requests since this began. I cant see the 680 previous requests at least. It would be good for a representative of Zwift to let people know the prospects of this happening. Rouvy and Tacx are my only options but I feel isolated and forced into that decision for making the common sense decision not to opt for one turbo trainer costing £52 per month to train. Perhaps a vote to see true feelings out there. It makes no difference to Zwift as they have ignored folk up till now anyway. So how’s about we poll Zwift for a poll?

I take it there is no news on this? I was really dissapointed when they removed the ability to change between Male / Female in Game now you have to request it. I have been subscribed to Zwift since the beginning and recently got my 65 y/o mother onto Zwift and she shares my account. My Father has his own account, and they can now Zwift together.

Its sad to see that Zwift has not implemented a way to have multiple avatars on one account. This is so simple in almost every other paid service. At least give back the ability to have M/F at our own discretion.

I realise any business has to make money but Zwift has all but forgotten about providing good customer services.

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My household, like many, has one keen cyclist (me), and others who are more casual. It’s just not worth it to pay for extra full-price subscriptions for occasional users.

Proposal: One subscriber at full monthly price. Other household users are pay-per-ride or pay-per-hour, which would max out at the monthly rate. If they’re also keeners, they’d pay full price. If they’re casual, they pay less, but still get value for money.

I would love to see a heavily discounted “family” membership with the restriction of only one family member riding at the same time as we only have one bike. 2 full price memberships is a killer extra expense on top of the repayments on the bike and we can only ride one at a time anyway so no extra load on your servers than a single more keen cyclist - we cant get any of the benefits of riding together or anything unless we buy a second smart bike and then we would be happy to pay 2 full memberships.


This is harder than it sounds.
How do you define “family”.
Would s family include friends and neighbors.
How do you prove who is family and who is not?
There are so many non traditional families the term is actually properly defined only by an individual’s circumstance.
Same for “house hold”.

I personally don’t want Zwift to do a family plan.
The only reason to do so would be to attract more users.
Zwift has plenty of users.
We don’t need more new users.
Zwift should focus on improving the platform so it does not lose existing and experienced riders and in doing so, the value of Zwift will rise and families will see the value of multiple full memberships.

Don’t discount the flawed product instead improve it’s value and charge full price.

You don’t have to define anything. You just allow multiple logins per trainer, and prevent concurrent logins using that trainer. Or for multiple trainers, track the IP address.

They track all this data already. If adding some controls is deemed too hard for a software company then something is seriously wrong.

They don’t want to do it, it’s as simple as that. Excuses aren’t necessary.


That makes sense.
I hadn’t thought about multiple accounts for a registered trainer.
I don’t understand the IP address part for multiple trainers.
Still, I want them to improve the value of the product.

I completely agree about improving the product, and that looking to increase the user base seems to be the priority over actual progress of Zwift as a platform. It’s completely stalled (even from the glacial pace evident when I joined a couple of years ago) and they seem to be pouring all the resources and money into advertising and hardware, the latter clearly to attract people who may see Zwift as too complicated and go for a Peloton bike instead.

What I meant about IP addresses is that they know where we are when logging in and training. So if a household has two trainers, they already know those two trainers log in from that house by their IP. The chances of tons of people taking their heavy, awkward trainers to different locations to exploit a family plan is so unlikely it’s not even worth considering. It’s not like texting a mate your Netflix login details, it requires a static position and equipment by definition.

IP addresses for home users are usually dynamic and can change.

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I also just had a bad thought.
What are the chances that a Zwifter would have 2 accounts on the same trainer, one 65 kilos for hill climbing and one 85 kg for flat races.
It gets complicated when thinking about cheaters.
I had never heard or thought of sandbagging until I Zwifted.

But they stay on the same ISP, unless we’re saying loads of people will spoof that too. It’s a load of rubbish.