Family and Child Plan Request

Exactly the same boat here, now setting up a Rouvy account - thanks for the steer.

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Bought a trainer over Xmas with the intention to use Zwift but am in same boat, wife wants to use her own bike as well and I can’t justify two subs when Rouvy has realistic graphics at a cheaper price. Surely a product team at Zwift can add suitable controls to prevent abuse of any new family feature and stop shedding users to their competitor. Will sign up in the future if there’s a family plan but until then…

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Quite frankly ridiculous. I don’t know what me and my partner will do now we’ve heard this news but I like to think I’m happy to pay people who are being fair, and this is just greedy and clearly shows a lack of interest in customer satisfaction. +1 necessary guys come on, stop being rubbish!

Absurd that this thread has been open for so long and still not acknowledged - I’m about to Zwift elsewhere

As the sole zwifter in a household, I too would like a discount. Please Zwift, make this happen.


Zwift will not acknowledge the need for multiple family members on a single subscription… and I’ve asked now for several years. I’m starting to push our race teams to use Rouvy instead of Zwift, as Rouvy is getting pretty good now and is certainly more realistic with MANY, MANY more routes than Zwift. Only my son is still on Zwift because his main race team uses it. It’s unlikely that the race teams around the world will migrate away from Zwift any time soon, but since the mainstay of Zwift’s cash influx does not come from race teams, I would think that Zwift might be interested in listening. From a marketing standpoint, Zwift’s business model is simply not sustainable long term with growth if you consider the competing platforms, like Rouvy. I personally have 4 people riding in our household and I can’t afford $60 per month and frankly, most people can’t or won’t.

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Fully agree

Zwift should allow this

I guess I will switch to Rouvy since they do have a family plan. Does not make sense to wait if I look at this post. See you at Rouvy.

Yeah, i am rouvy user for 3 peoples (me,wife,son) and i come here to chec if zwift is as good as rouvy for family.
Shame it is not :frowning:

Definitely .This is crazy. Zwift are missing out on millions of users. Everyone I know has family members that want to use the equipment but another membership is crazy. Spotify, Amazon, ifit, Netflix, etc the list goes on have the ability to have a family account. Why not zwift. Sort this out and stop being greedy. You will win out in the end.


Completely agree. Great opportunity for any new competitors in the market. I would assume this request is so reasonable that Zwift only lose goodwill and trust. Trust is lost in a second and takes alot of time to rebuild.

I too would like a family plan. I am currently the only person who uses zwift but my wife and 5 kids would like to use it as well. Why isn’t there an option to do so? Looks like I will check out other platforms.

I’ve had Zwift for a few years now and used it off and on. I occasionally attach my wife’s bike to the turbo trainer so she can do a workout indoors. She’s not much of a bike rider but she’s starting to enjoy it more. She probably uses it once a week at the moment.
Currently, I have to let her ride as me (lower the FTP on the workout screen), save it to Strava, mark it as private in Strava, export the GPX, log out, log in to her Strava and import it then log back in to mine to delete the activity.
This is absolutely bonkers. Why can’t I just have a profile selector in Zwift where other profiles can be linked to other Strava accounts? The account would only let 1 person be riding at once anyway so there’s no possibility of account sharing outside of the family. I don’t think it should cost anything extra either - it’s something that should have always been there. Along with many other people I’m now seriously looking at Rouvy instead.

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Please offer a family plan. It would be very helpful! I really want my wife to join but she is struggling with the idea of paying for two accounts. I could talk her into joining for a $20 or $25 family account because we also have a 16 year old who would be interested in using it.

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I am currnetly on Tacx desktop and still have free tacx original software so can ride till my heart is content for free or £9.99 per month

We currently have 4 family adults wanting to use my trainer due to lockdown.
One member has strava for his team races.

I am considering buying a second trainer so we can have couples racing together but ideally we would all be on strava.

Amazed there is no family plan. I would be happy to support everyones rides for a plan, but going from free to £9.99 to 4 x zwift memberships is not viable.

Hopefully, having read previous posts, Zwift will employ someone with a new attitude that sees they are losing so much money in a futile attempt to force households to pay per person. Just not going to happen. Ever


plus 1 for a family plan - most other subscriptions do this and we buy them .spotify, netflix for example.
hurry up before lock down ends and we all switch off!

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Yep agreed. Same trainer for me and my partner. Joint membership, pay slightly less but means you can’t be logged in at the same time. Winner and only fair.


I have two daughters at home due to Covid restrictions (university etc) and my wife. Non are keen cyclists but they like to hop on the turbo trainer once in a while. I only have 1 x turbo trainer. Surely it makes MASSIVE financial sense to offer a family membership at say 150% of single membership with just ONE member allowed to ride at any time. Zwift would get 50% more than they are going to get right now as I just won’t pay for another membership for casual use. We need to grab young riders NOW if we want to build the Wiggins, the Froomes and the Thomas’s of tomorrow. Look at it as an INVESTMENT - these family members will probably want their own full account in a few years when they move out.

A huge RIDE ON for ZWIFT if / when they add a fair family plan …

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Just found this forum when searching for Zwift family membership as it isn’t offered on the app or member page. I am on a 7 day trial just now and unfortunately paying 14.99 each for four of us in the family is out of reach. I see this thread goes back to 2018 so I guess nobody at Zwift actually reads it otherwise things would either have changed or there would be a statement somewhere from them.
I see above a few people talking about Rouvy. I haven’t heard of that before but will take a look and see. I am using Peleton just now at work which is used by about 15 of us but would prefer to get a more bike ride feel than spin… Let’s see, maybe it’s too expensive to change.

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+1 for Family / household plan. 41.3k views, seems like free money for Zwift if they bother!

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